Happy 2021 my friend. I’m back! After a long break, I feel supercharged and ready to rock-and-roll. During the break, I finally finished reading the inspirational books that I bought a long time ago. They helped me to figure out my new year resolutions for my blog 2021.

In short, I’m going to add two more new topics to my blog from 2021 while continuing blogging about homeschooling Chinese. They are:

  1. Money-smart kids
  2. Intentional parenting

It’s been a year since I started Panda Mama Chinese blog. In the past year, I’ve only blogged about homeschooling Chinese. Now, I feel it’s time to add the above two new topics that I’ve always felt passionate about but never made up my mind to do so.

Having read a few books during Christmas break, I’m inspired and decided to explore more from 2021 onward and share what I learned with you via my blog.

Why raise kids to be MONEY-SMART?

So why do I think teaching kids to be money-smart is essential?

Well, to start with, our children CANNOT learn this kind of skill from school. They learn algebra; they learn physics; they learn math. But 99% of teachers won’t say to our kids “whatever you learn today, you’d still need to make money with your skills when you grow up”.

I mean, when we go to school, learn all the stuff we’re supposed to know. What are the end goals? Is it just find a “good job” and be great at what they do? Yes, but the salary is essential as well.

Or maybe some kids are entrepreneurial and want to build their businesses. That’s great. But a business wouldn’t exist if it’s not making money!

As an accountant, I often witness people get into the debt trap or lose their businesses because of poor money skills.

My point? As parents, we need to think ahead for our children and teach them a healthy mindset about money from an early age.

raise money-smart kids

Instead of saying money is evil or never talked about it with my child, I want to do the opposite.

I want to raise my daughter to know how to MAKE, SAVE, SPEND, and GIVE her money.

I want to utilise my accounting and financial skills, simplify them, and teach my daughter money sense via our daily life.

I want to create an environment for her to grow up and not be afraid to ask what she deserves to get paid, either from a job or a business she may create.

I want her to be proud of a money-smart kid.

Less face it, for a girl, how could she be independent when she grows up if she’s not financially independent?

Anyway, if this is something you’re interested in, then stick around as I’ll try my best to bring you practical yet crucial money skills that we use at home that are suitable for young kids.


First, what is intentional parenting? For me, intentional parenting means educating myself first, and consciously apply what I believe is the best to parent my daughter.  Instead of running on auto-pilot, I want to be proactive with my parenting skills.

It also means I need to be the best version I could be, physically, mentally, and emotionally so I can be a role model for my child. After all, parents are the biggest influencers in our children’s lives, aren’t we?

So, why do I want to practice intentional parenting? I want to be a mum that makes a positive impact on my daughter’s life. We all love our children. But do we always know HOW TO LOVE our children? I know I don’t.

Sometimes, subconsciously, I was using the parenting skills that I inherited from my parents, old-fashioned and not always working. Other times, I think I’ve done the right thing for my daughter, but it turned out I was wrong!


children drawing of a family

That’s the thing. We all make mistakes, and we’ll always do. But my goal is, by learning and practicing intentional parenting, that I don’t make the mistakes that have a negative impact on my daughter.

We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s why I wanted to blog about INTENTIONAL PARENTING, not because I’m an expert; it’s because I want to learn to be an intentional parent.

By organising, jotting down, and sharing my thoughts, I’m learning as well. So it’s a win-win. Hopefully, my discoveries and thoughts would benefit you one or two as well.

I’ll continue to blog about homeschooling Chinese of course, and continue to share and inspire you with my TIPS + RESOURCES.

As hard as it may be, let’s embrace 2021 with a positive mindset and intentionally choose to be happy every morning, starting today!


Are you interested in raising money-smart kids? Do you want to or have you already started practicing intentional parenting? Love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below or on  my Facebook page.smile

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