Money-Smart Kids

Why Raise Money-smart Kids and Practice Intentional Parenting? My 2021 Resolutions!

Happy 2021 my friend. I’m back! After a long break, I feel supercharged and...

How to manage young kids’ screen time and introduce the concept of earning?

About a month ago, I discovered a great way to manage my 5-year-old daughter’s...


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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Panda Mama Maggie, a Chinese-Aussie mum to a little bilingual girl, a former interpreter, now an Australian accountant (MIPA), and a blogger. Chinese is my 1st language. We’re a family of three living in Perth, Australia. This is my personal blog. I use it to document, share and inspire liked-minded parents in HOMESCHOOLING CHINESE, raising MONEY-SMART KIDS, and practising INTENTIONAL PARENTING.  More about us …

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