Inspired by the story Brown Bears, Brown Bears, What Do You See, I thought I’ll prepare some flashcards for my daughter Mylee to play and learn the 9 colours, 9 animals  and the corresponding 9 Chinese and English words mentioned in the story.

It turned out, Mylee loves it! Here is a video showing how we play one of the games with these flashcards at home.

With these cards, I suggest you play the following games with your child. Of course, you don’t have to do what we do. There is no restriction here.  Be creative and have FUN!

Game 1 – Call out the name of colours and ask your child to pick the colour cards out.

This is more for kids from age 3-4.  For kids aged 5 above, they would have learnt these colours already so this game is probably not for them.

Game 2 – Match the Colour and English cards with Chinese words.

If you can, read aloud the story in Mandarin and ask your child to match the Colour and English Cards with the Chinese word you read on each page.

If you don’t speak Mandarin, please watch this video below with your child in which I read this story in both English and Mandarin. Pause the video if you need to, and match the Colour and English Cards whenever I mention the colours in Mandarin.

Game 3 –  Match the Chinese words with the colours cards.

Game 4 –  Match the Chinese words with the animal cards.

Game 5  – Match the Chinese words with English.

Game 6  As an extra challenge, please encourage your child to read the Chinese words out loud ALL BY THEMSELVES without any aid of pictures or your help.  Also, ask children the English meaning and vice versa.

Last but not least, if you want to play these games with your child and can’t wait to get these flashcards. I’ve got you covered as well.  You can download them for FREE below.


After trying out these cards, please do me a favour and share how you have fun with your child in playing these games in Panda Mama Chinese Community.

We’d love to your child’s progress. 

It would be a great help and encouragement for other parents in the community to keep up with playing and learning Mandarin Chinese.

Thank you.

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